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What Kind of Contract Negotiator Are You?

Negotiation is perhaps the most important skill in the Commercial and Contract Managers armoury, and possibly the hardest to teach. There are so many ways to begin a negotiation and there is no perfect approach. We thought it would be fun to look at some high-profile negotiators and discuss the traits that have – or [...]

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The AI Threat: Just How Real is it?

Not a week seems to go by without some headline-grabbing news about artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Many are scared that automation will take their jobs – indeed, recent figures suggest that some 4 million contracting roles could be lost to automation. Admittedly, for some roles, the roll-out of automation will be bad news but [...]

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The Sky’s the Limit for Commercial Contract Managers in Aerospace

The aerospace sector soared to new heights as the new records for deliveries were set within the UK. The value of such deliveries is estimated to be worth £13 billion to the sector. This spells great news for the UK and its manufacturing industry, as well as the people working within it. Strong growth is predicted to [...]

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Why Relocate for Your Commercial Contracts Career?

Sometimes, the perfect job isn’t a short commute away, in fact, the best position might be a few hundred miles away. Relocating for your career might seem drastic, but for many people, it is a positive move. When you take the leap to another city, or even another country, your career can go much further [...]

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Addressing the diversity challenge in the UK aerospace industry

The Aerospace and Defence sector has a longstanding diversity problem. Many organisations are aware of the disparity and actively seeking ways to include better representation of groups. But the diversity challenge is still a thorn in many sector leaders’ sides, not least because of the headlines generated whenever gender pay gaps or BAME (black, Asian [...]

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