Making That First Job Move – a Candidate’s Journey

You have been at the same company since you entered the CCM discipline, you have finished your apprenticeship or graduate scheme, and you’re starting to realize that a considered move to a good business will give your career a real boost.  So, what next? You need to make sure this move is progressive, or why [...]

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The best graduate schemes for a career in commercial contract management

You’ve heard about Commercial and Contract Management and you want to get into this brilliantly rewarding but misunderstood profession. But how? The most direct route is to join a business with a Commercial and Contracts Graduate scheme. So where do you start? As a recruitment firm specialising purely in CCM there are some schemes we [...]

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What to do when your legal career isn’t what you expected

For many, a law degree necessitates practising law. But for those whose law careers aren’t panning out as expected, there are many other doors that your degree will open up – commercial contract management, for example! An area of business that offers a solid foundation for a long-term career in enterprise, with ample opportunity for [...]

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Six Traits of an Effective Interim Commercial Manager

The skills of an effective Interim Commercial Manager should be implemented throughout the tenure in order to ensure maximum impact and to deliver results at a critical time for a business. As an interim leader there can be a significant amount expected from what the role entails, and it is vital to ensure that this [...]

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7 Reasons to Consider a Career in Commercial Contract Management

Commercial contract management is a career pathway that can be misunderstood and is often undervalued. This confusion and ambiguity brings uncertainty to an industry that holds such great potential and opportunity and those operating in the sector are hopeful of a surge in talent. Regardless of what stage you are at in your career – [...]

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