Sometimes, the perfect job isn’t a short commute away, in fact, the best position might be a few hundred miles away. Relocating for your career might seem drastic, but for many people, it is a positive move. When you take the leap to another city, or even another country, your career can go much further – and not just geographically.

Much to consider

There is a lot to be considered when relocating and many people are involved in making a decision. Moving to a different area impacts your friends and family too. For those with children, the decision can be more complex; there are pros and cons to moving your family, but they may benefit from better facilities such as schools and outdoor spaces. Moving your children from a busy city to a peaceful seaside could expand their horizons and bring a calmer dynamic to the fold. However, there is the potential disruption to their social circle and school network.

When considering a move, you must consider your holistic happiness and job satisfaction. What lifestyle does the new location offer? Swapping high rises for rolling hills is a no-brainer for some.

Paying off in the long term

Career-wise, relocating can pay dividends in the long run. First, it shows that you are deeply committed to your career. That will make your CV stand out to any future employers. Of course, your benefits package and pay may drastically increase and your standard of living could improve. Moving to an area where the cost of living is lower and getting a salary increase at the same time, is a double-boon for your bank account.

Network and skill building

The opportunities offered by a role in a new location can be extensive. It’s a sure-fire way of building your soft skills and extending your network. Relocating can be character-building, enabling you to go outside of your comfort zone.

You’ll be exposed to alternative ways of thinking and different people. Some areas are well known for certain industries – Bournemouth, for example, is becoming known for a booming tech scene dubbed ‘Silicon Beach’.

Gaining an edge in the market

New places can also introduce you to new cultures – especially when you move internationally. In the future, if your business is expanding, you may have the edge with your experience of the local area. Indeed, some form of international experience is often needed to get that coveted place in the boardroom.

Reaching the next level

Take, as an example, the experience of Anna Chow, who relocated after working for 24 years at AT&T. She decided that she was at the right stage in her family and professional life to move across America, from New Jersey to Texas. There, she took a job leading sales operations, progressing rapidly through three different positions to eventually become President of AT&T’s national business. A well-timed career move catapulted her to the top of her career ladder.

At any stage of your career, relocating can be the jumpstart that it needs to reach the next level. It’s a life changing decision – one that will make you a better professional and a stronger person.